Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Bolivia Project Journals

Collin Whelley (center) and Michael Vehar (on right) are graduates from the University of Dayton and the founders of the Bolivia Project.

This page is dedicated to tracking the progress of The Bolivia Project including personal reflections from both founders and introducing those people who have contributed time and money to the project.

Los Bia Paper: By Collin Whelley

The world is more than me, but all of me: By Collin Whelley

Freezing in the Alto Plano: By Collin Whelley

how to make a good day: By Collin Whelley

About Forgiveness: By Collin Whelley

two true friends of mine, a little thank you to the fellas: By Collin Whelley

Updates Throughout the Project (6) - Michael Vehar

Sobre La Roca:

Ruth Saavedra is the founder of Sobre La Roca native to the Cochabamba region and is a constant inspiration and guide for the project and its volunteers.

Master Builders:
Freddy Landia
Juan Carlos Moreno

Other Team Members
These members have traveled to Cochabamba Bolivia and will remain for an extended period of time using resources outside of the Bolivia project. The gift of their presence and hard work will never be forgotten.

Chris "Mastaza" Phillips who came to Bolivia after this picature and has become as much a part of this project as Mike and Collin, was too buisy to comment because he was off conquering his world!

"Sly" Sylvanus Agyeman is the photographer and Bolivia project volunteer
"I'm having a good time so far, I mean I'm having a GREAT time!"

"Zatch" Zach Steffens on left (ETHOS Intern for the CEDESOL foundation and Bolivia Project volunteer).

"Babaganoosh" "Showtime" "The Captian......" Clayton Roman (On the Right) ETHOS Intern for the CEDESOL foundation and Bolivia Project volunteer.

The Bolivia Project


Blogger NHpete said...

In a recent awards ceremony at Moultonborough Academy, the principal Andy Coppinger, encouraged this years high school graduates to give back to their community, their world. He sited Collin Whelley class of 2002, in his work with the Bolivia Project as an example of an alum who has done just that! Collin and the project has become the talk of this small New Hampshire town!

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